Reader Information about the Rocky Mountain News announcement

What is happening with my subscription to the Rocky Mountain News?

Your subscription to the Rocky Mountain News will automatically be transferred to The Denver Post. The days of delivery service and expiration date will remain unchanged on your home delivery subscription.

What features, benefits, and columnists are coming over to The Denver Post?

Rocky Mountain News columnists Tina Griego, Penny Parker, Bill Johnson, and Mike Littwin will join The Post, as well as Dave Krieger in sports. Rocky Mountain News Editorial Page Editor Vincent Carroll will join The Post editorial board and will write an editorial page column.

Also joining The Post will be Rocky Mountain News staff writers Lynn Bartels (politics), Burt Hubbard (database reporting specialist), Kevin Vaughan (general assignment) and Gargi Chakrabarty (energy industry).

What happens to the comics that were in the Rocky Mountain News?

The Post will also be incorporating all of the Rocky's comics and many of its puzzles.

What will happen with the Your Hub section I receive on Thursday each week?

Your Hub will continue to be distributed in The Denver Post.

What will happen to the Rocky Mountain News website?

On-line readers will be encouraged to go to for the latest news.

Do I still call the same phone number for customer service?

Yes, all phone numbers remain the same for circulation customer service.
You may call 303-832-3232 or 303-892-6397.
Outside metro Denver you can call 1-800-543-5543 or 1-800-892-6397.

Is still going to be the web site for customer service?


What email address may I use to contact the customer service department within circulation?

Continue to use

How will my Sunday Denver Post change?

You have already been receiving The Sunday Denver Post but now it will include columnists who had previously written for the Rocky Mountain News. The Rocky Mountain News editorial will no longer be published.

What paper will I receive on Saturday?

The new Saturday Post effective February 28, 2009.

Will the physical size of the Post change?


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